Award Winning Original Stories

At Khayaali Production we believe in telling stories that drive your emotions, connect your experience, and provide an inclusive visual experience. Our team emphasizes on little details, connecting dots, and a three-dimensional plot to cover the life of the story. We have produced two award-winning documentaries for Dawn and DW (German broadcast company) which reached thousands of people around the globe.

Stories Overview

The Disgustful

The Disgustful explores a unique story of a garbage man Shareef Maseeh who takes immense pride in his work by serving his community and his country. Shareef has been collecting garbage, doing all sorts of sanitary work and cleaning the streets of Lahore for past 35 years. He is currently 54 years old and still going strong.

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Staying Still

Staying Still is all about making a difference in these difficult times and how you can play an important part in changing people's lives around you. All the safety measurements were strictly observed by the crew members and subjects of the documentary to prevent the spread of the virus and to avoid any discomfort for the residents.